Både ALCUR och ALCUR SELECT var nominerade som bästa fonder i sina respektive kategorier av HFM i EuroHedge Award.
HFM är en oberoende fondutvärderare och EuroHedge Award sponsras av bl.a. SEB, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, BNP Parisbas m.fl.

ALCUR SELECT vann och blev utsedd till bästa fond i Europa i sin kategori.

About EuroHedge Awards 2019
Each year, more than 700 hedge fund managers, investors, and other industry professionals come together to celebrate the achievements of the best performing funds of the previous year. The aim of the awards is to identify those funds and firms that have produced the best risk-adjusted returns for their investors – achieving the twin primary goals of hedge funds of capturing the upside in terms of strong absolute returns while also controlling volatility and protecting capital on the downside.